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1998 Untitled Yellowstone National Park | Nature, Cats, Babies

About a month ago, I ran into a beautiful and operational analog camcorder (surprisingly rare in my experience). After a year since I wrecked my old one, I was obviously eager to use this one. By main issue proved to be finding VHS-C tapes. Long story short, a tight little stero shop in Cheviot just so happened to have a handful. I bought them out and took them home to see if I'd found anything interesting before I started writing over them. Sure enough, here was a cute video.

The video starts off with the cameraman's narration giving the only context- '*muffled*98, Yellowstone National Park..., the grand canyon of the Yellowstone River". He continues to narrate what is seen in the footage, beautiful views of the waterfall, an elk near the hotsprings, and generally great shots to match this Earth Day.

Eventually the video cuts to footage of a baby being rocked. (What was it that made tape so popular for filming babies and cats?) I can't tell who the cameraman prefers, his child Shelby or his two anthropomorphised cats.

Overall it's a pretty cute slice of life video, with guys bent over a computer at 14:45 and Shelby reading a phonebook at 28:30.

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