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April 2017 Burlington Antique Show | Polaroids and 1918 at Berea College

On a surprisingly dry spring day, I took a drive down to the Boone County Fairgrounds with my roommate in search of any goodies that the hundreds of vendors had acquired over the winter. The Burlington Antique Show was much like it was last year and given my habit of taking the same path through the maze of booths and senior citizens, I felt an acute sense of deja vu. Most of the booths were picked over, but I did get a couple handfuls of random photos icluding several pages of a scrapbook from the first quarter of last century.

While many of the loose photos are pretty interesting, like the photo of people inspecting a newly constructed dam in Piqua, Ohio (below), I appreciate the story that is able to be pieced together from the sheets of photos in the scrapbook.

Here's an example of a couple of photos that were pasted together. This girl attended Berea College in Kentucky and loved to take pictures of her friends. Her naming scheme is charming. Unlike most people, she neatly labelled her entries with cute puns or digs at ex lovers. Maybe Berea College would like this small collection.

I look forward to going back to Burlington once enough churn has gone through the market.

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