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June 2017 Trip to Stray Dog Antiques, Charleston, WV
A Good Handful

On Friday, I decided to set out down the AA highway of Northern Kentucky to visit my friend who had recently moved out to Charleston. Despite the heat, we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the Kanawha River valley. However, as we drove past the roadside yard sales, a staple of West Virginia it seams, my friend could see I was itching to hit some junk shops. While I didn't have as much luck on the roadside as I typically do, I did manage to satisfy my hobby in downtown Charleston. An afternoon walk downtown led us to a shop called Stray Dog Antiques on Hale Street. The store seemed a bit pricy for my taste (I am a bulk purchaser, after all), but I kept up faith as I spied the two sewing drawers of loose photos. I explored the two floors of antiques before talking to the proprieter about a discount on some photos. It seemed there would be no $$-for-all today but I think I did manage to find a few need snaps.

There's a whole lot of sepia in these photos. Or perhaps those were the ones that caught my eye. Water features, nature, and interesting poses make up this set. If I had some more time, I would have definitely gone through both boxes and built a story. Instead I filtered out even gems like a pair of 70s shirtless jock-types with muttonchops. Maybe I'll go back and get it one day. I'm sure no one else would possibly take it.

I'd highly encourage anyone visiting Charleston to check Stray Dog Antiques out. It beats the kitschy boutiques by a long shot.

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