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In the summer of 2015,
having a stack of 20+ tapes in front of me, I decided that I was racking up way too much found media. I determined that I also needed to try out my sys adminchops while I wasn't actively doing it at work. Thus, we have Nullbrook, an FTP server (and one day, perhaps, a more fully-featured website) dedicated to hosting all of my collection.

I find VHS's, home movies, Super 8 reels, 8mm, slides in closets and thrift stores and digitize them. I've been hoarding photos, por- traits, and postcards to the point that I've lost a whole storage closet. But it's terribly enjoyable to sit down and look through these snapshots and candid recountings of life 10, 20, 100 years ago.

Some of this material may have been featured on boxesofoldphotos, but a significant amount is not really fit for Tumblr's love of brevity. Hopefully my economy hardware can handle everyone's viewing desires.

Furthermore, if you'd like to share anything with me or perhaps receive the physical media by mail, let me know! This collection is overwhelming my humble apartment and I sort of feel weird just watching and scanning these stangers' memories by myself. As always, use the media here in whatever way you wish. It is postcardware. My dream would be to see some art projects done with the photos and videos or maybe an in-depth research project of the history of the photos.

Feel free to send any questions or comments to: boxesofoldphotos.tumblr.com
[email protected]


PO Box 582
Fort Recovery, OH 45846 USA

Other Resources

The world of home movies,
is one which is run by the people. Both amateur collectors and those with years of professional experience understand full well that hardly any money can be made on found footage. Thus, the landscape still remains a small and supportive community of archivists and artists. That being said there exist resources around the world that seek to preserve and share their collections. I count this website among them, but I must relate several other individuals and organizations who are doing great work.

Middle America
A blog focused on the close analysis and history of Middletown, Ohio, a [once] booming steel town and a perfect microcosm of the Midwestern U.S. Curated by, Brian Grant, who has offered a large swath of his own digital collection to me, provides a rich context and research to go along with his assembled fragments.

Prelinger Archives
Rick Prelinger has been collecting film for some time now and has become one of the foremost figures in the home movie preservation community. Much of his collection has been digitized and can be found on the Internet Archive. If you're ever in the Bay Area, check out the Prelinger Library on the corner of 8th and Folsom Streets. He also holds screenings of local footage and produced the film Panorama Ephemera and No More Road Trips?

Found Magazine
A long-running magazine project with a focus on mysterious media and user-submitted finds.

Internet Archives
A collection of films hosted directly through the Internet Archive project.

Center for Home Movies
Another archive of digitized footage and a hub for community activities and events. Check out their film Amateur Night

Home Movie Day
This international event focuses on encouraging the public to preserve and continue creating home movies. Events in your area are listed through the Center for Home Movies website, but can also be found through social media.

Little Film
Tips for preservation and general information on film and filmmaking.

02/21/17 - Updates and Interesting Distractions

Is the new site ever going to be up?
My idea of an interactive and simple way to view videos online via a lousy server in my room has taken a backseat to a bunch of other projects in my life, but is certainly still on my mind. I may be induced to putting the FTP server back up temporarily, but that depends on how ny time shakes down in the next couple of days.

Interesting distractions
I may have installed a flashy cert and made an onion address for this webpage (https://f4p44nz2ocpaxoxc.onion), but I've also had some distractions relevant to the content of this website. Despite the winter putting a chill on rummage sales, I managed to nab a box of films from a local antique shop. I was warned with a giggle by the wonderful ladies behind the counter, but I guess I didn't really realize, that a LOT of the films are old 60s porn flicks. I don't want these! I could poke my eye out on these brassieres.

04/16/16 - Subtitles

How will I spend a hackathon?
By creating subtitle files for these videos, of course! I'm actively avoiding a site upgrade to make the FTP site more approachable. And heaven forbid I add some processing power to the project. That being said, the addition of these subtitles might make the videos a little bit more interesting. I'm creating them in SRT format to allow them to be disabled .

Another move!
Nullbrook will actually be physically moving in a couple weeks so expect extended outages as I try to remember how this system even works.

07/30/15 - We've Moved!

My friend's Internet connection is great!
Since I'll be moving out of state for a semester, I've moved my server over to my friend filling-everything's apartment. That lucky guy has gigabyte Internet so my server can actually stream these webms. Eat it up.

I've gotten into film, projection, and tape manipulation so expect more obscure formats coming this way. Also, the huge chunk of post cards and photos from my parents will be uploaded soon. I've nearly finished cropping them.

I'm working toward writing a webpage that will present thumbnails of the images/videos intead of just the filenames. The site may lose a certain aesthetic, but it will gain some user friendliness.

07/11/15 - Outages

My Internet connection is garbage
Beyond having a terrible hardware set-up, I also have an awful connection with Time Warner Cable. Nullbrook is amateurism at its finest!

More pictures
I've started sorting the videos a bit differently and added more details to each. I also realized I've missed a couple of the videos I have on hand. Furthermore, a big chunk of vintage post cards and some more candid photos will be coming as soon as I crop them.

07/03/15 - Glorious GUI

Website Launched
The Nullbrook frontend (still lacking a proper hostname) has been built albeit greatly stolen from the dude at lolicore.ch. I'm still working on configuration stuff, but at least I can not scare off 3/4 of the people who come here

No Javascript
I do too much of that work so I've made the stylistic choice to step away from that. I like the older feel of pure HTML/CSS anyway.

I'm still processing some videos and working out the proper formats for both archival and streaming/viewing purposes, but you can take a look now in archive/Found_Footage. It looks like I'll be converting all over to webm for future streaming video!

Domain Name
Woo! I threw down the cash to get a domain name today!

07/01/15 - Gears Moving

Hard Drive Attached
I added an external drive to the server which will be holding the growing digitized media collection. I had to grapple with the hell that is a certain Unix-like operating system's special-snowflake file system. But now files are transferring!

Cried vigorously over apache configuration failure
My silly choice of OS (or rather my inexperience in dealing with it) has prevented me from hosting both the website and file server from the same machine. So they're split apart for now. May my power bill not devour me whole.

06/28/15 - The Beginning

FTP available
Today the file server was started and made public. No files yet! Coming soon. I also made these sweet welcome documents