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The Nullbrook Found Media Archive is a front-end to a collection of digitized artifacts. Most of these items are from ordinary people or from limited publishing runs. The objective of this archive is to preserve and share small slices of life that might not otherwise be saved by larger organizational efforts. It's likely to remain a small-scale passion project.

While this collection is centered around photographs (which are trivial to digitize), there is also a small library of limited run zines, tapes, and floppy disks. The archive is always open to donations though traditional discourse with the public has been in the opposite direction. Anyone interested in a particular style or subject of photo may write to the archive to receive an assortment of photos in the mail. I'm deeply grateful for the pen pals who have shown interest thus far. It is this excitement that keeps the project going.

The latest redesign of the website, undertaken in 2021, has enabled the archive to provide a more useful interface to the collection including filtering and searching. However, the largest body of work on the horizon, is the generation of metadata for the items. If you are interested in annotating or providing notes on the items, please reach out!

Feel free to send any questions or comments to: boxesofoldphotos.tumblr.com, https://grumpys.online/@grumpy or [email protected].


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